W&M/Sidd’s story

W&M/Sidd’s story

Big Venus, 2007
190x60cm, oil on canvas


Woman and Man(Lovers), 2007
1940x190cm, oil on canvas


Hamlet, 2007
80x100cm, oil and mixed media on canvas


Woman and man, 2007
190x130cm, oil on canvas


Big Buddha, 2007
65x110cm, oil on canvas


Pharao with wife, 2007
2x 30x70cm, oil on canvas


Siddhártha with Jasodara, 2007
50x100cm, oil on canvas


Friends, 2007
2x 60x190cm, oil and mixed media on canvas


The Knight, 2007
125x100cm, oil on canvas


Siddhártha, 2007
50x100cm, oil on canvas


Siddhártha and Jasodara, 2007
2x 25x60cm, oil on canvas


Woman and man on the night beach, 2007
60x60cm, oil on canvas


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